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What Is a Commercial Air Conditioner?

Can I Install HVAC?

hvac A commercial air conditioner has a few systematic differences compared to what one would find in their home. Many such units that can be generally seen on the sides of or on the roof of commercial buildings contain both air conditioning and heating capabilities. Due to the larger system needing more power as well, a commercial air conditioner is made to cover larger interior areas as well as run for longer sustained periods of time. The reason being is that the units tend to be more complex and need to be in a package form for technicians to easily get to. 

When it comes to installing a commercial HVAC system, much less a commercial air conditioner, there are several aspects to the process that a normal person would be incapable of dealing with. An example of that is the various thermometers needed for a commercial air conditioner to function correctly and keep it functioning. This is due to commercial buildings also have certain rooms that do not need as much climate control whereas some may need more that have multiple entrances into the same room. It is also the question of installation that blocks those not trained in commercial air conditioners. That is due to the fact that most commercial air conditioners need heavy equipment and transportation. For a reliable HVAC company to install and answer your commercial air conditioner questions, choose C&S Air, Inc.. Call (817) 398-8887 today to schedule an appointment for any commercial air conditioner installation or repairs in Mansfield and Arlington, TX.

How do Commercial Air Conditioners Work?

An average commercial air conditioner works similarly to a regular air conditioner on a grander scale. The process starts with the refrigerant being compressed inside of the system and pressurizing it. Hot air from outside flows through and blows the depressurizing coolant through air vents that deliver the cold air throughout the building. The coolant particles cool the resulting airflow into something of lower temperature before delivery. Each component that makes this possible are:

  • Combustion chamber
  • Compressors or coils
  • Heat exchangers
  • Motors
  • Various thermostats
  • Evaporator coils

While that is not all the parts, the name of each part mentioned helps paint a picture of how a commercial air conditioner works. There is also a network of powered fans and ventilation ducts that carry the cold air to the designated location. Coolant in that manner is a liquid that can be used in various other types of machinery, but upon it going through the air conditioner process is not toxic in any regard.

When Should I Replace my Air Conditioner?

For commercial air conditioners specifically, the Department of Energy does have specific guidelines that outline when a person should consider a replacement. Failing to adhere to those guidelines does not end well for the business owner and can have detrimental consequences for clients that enter the commercial building whether its the general public or individuals. While the entire system itself is highly durable, there are certain parts that at best can last around ten years and need to be replaced or repaired adequately. At max, most commercial air conditioning units can last around fifteen to twenty years with a moderate amount of care. For that matter, it is not only a question of safety to replace an air conditioner at the maximum age but also an economic solution as well. Older air conditioners tend to be less efficient than newer models and will break down more often as well. Considering that repair costs will build up and the interior of businesses will lose profits if the temperature is not adequate for customers, it is a good idea to understand what kind of commercial air conditioner you have as well as how long it lasts. 

How Many Square Feet Will a 3 Ton AC Cool?

workersThe size of a commercial air conditioner will have an impact on how well a commercial building is cooled as well as heated. To answer the question exactly, that specific type of air conditioner can cool anywhere between one thousand and fifty-one feet to two thousand and one hundred feet. In terms of the height of each room, that aspect does make a difference on how well the air conditioner will do its job. When a room has a high ceiling, it will take longer to match the designated temperature set that a person wants due to the system needing to work harder to completely cool the room. The concept is not exactly a massive deal for the air conditioning aspect of the system itself, however, it is when it comes to heating a larger room. Heat does, in fact, rise naturally and will not immediately be felt in a cold room until the room is entirely covered. That means the commercial system will have to work harder to cool a designated room or section of a building with a higher ceiling. 

When you need commercial air conditioning services, contact the best HVAC provider in the area to get the job done. C&S Air, Inc. is a top tier group of professionals located in Mansfield and Arlington, TX that can work on your commercial air conditioner. Call (817) 398-8887 today to schedule an appointment and get a quote.


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