Commercial Rooftop HVAC Repair

Commercial rooftop HVAC.

Expert Service for your Roof-Top Units

Roof-top units or RTU’s, are a good option for smaller commercial buildings because they don’t take up very much space, are for the most part self-contained and fairly easy to maintain. Still, not everyone is familiar with HVAC systems so the next time you are in need of commercial rooftop HVAC repair in Mansfield and Arlington, TX, let us here at C&S Air, Inc. lend a helping hand. Please give us a call at 817-477-2665.

Expert Service When You Need It Most

We know RTU’s inside and out, and if yours isn’t performing the way it used to or isn’t working at all, we will be able to fix the problem. You can also call on us for commercial rooftop HVAC replacement should your rooftop unit be too old or inefficient. While RTU’s are relatively simple in terms of function and constituent components, they still need the attention of an expert when something goes wrong with them. Our commercial rooftop HVAC repair service can handle problems like:

  • Air Filters – If the air in your commercial building is getting unusually dry or musty, the problem may be old air filters. We can clean and replace old air filters for RTU’s quickly and affordably.
  • Air Hood Replacement – The air hood is usually located on one end of the RTU and is responsible for drawing in air from outside to feed into the unit. It’s a simple enough job and part but the problem is that it is exposed to the sun, wind, and rain all the time. When your air hood is broken, you may not be getting enough air to feed into your RTU. We can replace air hoods here at C&S Air, Inc..
  • Heating and Cooling Coil Service – You may only have one of these kinds of coils installed in your RTU or you may have both. They are responsible for adding or removing thermal energy from the air that passes through them. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to control the temperature of your commercial building. We service both heating and cooling coils for all types of RTU’s.

This is just a sampling of our commercial rooftop HVAC repair service. To learn more get in touch with us by giving us a call at 817-477-2665!