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Heater Parts Replacement in Mansfield

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HVAC problems can be very stressful because they tend to occur during the peak of the season. Maybe you have family coming over for the holidays and your heater has suddenly stopped running for some reason or maybe the rooms in your home or office building just aren’t getting warm enough. Whatever your situation may be, we can help. We are C&S Air, Inc. and we offer superior heater parts replacement in Mansfield, Arlington, and surrounding areas.

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You can rely on our heating services because they are quick, to the point and sound. This means that when you call us out to find out which of your heater’s components isn’t working properly and to replace it, you won’t have to worry about that part failing again. After we replace a certain part, we make sure that your heater is working at max capacity and max efficiency before we leave the job site. We have been in the HVAC trade for a very long time and we have built a team here at C&S Air, Inc. that is supremely skilled. Heater parts replacement is all about knowing the signs of faulty parts.

Take a look at the Heater Parts Repair and Replacements that we offer:

  • Circuit Control Board Replacement
  • ECM Motors Replacement
  • Hard Start Kits Replacement
  • Heater Capacitors Replacement
  • HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement
  • HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement
  • HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement
  • HVAC Relay Replacement
  • HVAC Thermostat Repair, Replacement & Upgrade

Each Part Contributes to the Whole

Flames from a heating unitThere are many parts that make up your heating system but our technicians will be able to quickly and accurately determine which ones are failing or about to fail. We don’t do any work until you sign off on it first so you won’t be blindsided by an unexpected labor or parts charge when the work is done. Our focus is on getting your heater working perfectly again and making sure you are totally satisfied.

Heating units and their respective parts can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Heat Source. The heat source of your system will depend on what kind of unit you have installed. For example, if you have a gas furnace than the heat source is fossil fuel. Electric furnaces obviously draw heat from electricity. The heat source is essentially the heart of your unit and when one of its components fails, it usually means that your home or building will be devoid of heated air. No matter what kind of heating unit we have, we can replace the parts needed to make sure your heat source is coming through consistently.

  • Circulation Components. These kinds of components are the most far-reaching and include several parts of the entire HVAC system. From your heat source components, warm air is blown through the ductwork by a blower fan. Then there are return ducts that are responsible for supplying the central heating unit with cool air to be warmed and blown through the building. Whether the trouble is with your ductwork, blower motor, fans, return ducts or even your vent covers, we can replace any part.

  • Thermostat Controls. What determines when your furnace turns on and off is the thermostat. It is the brains of the operation so to speak. You may have an older mercury-based thermostat with metallic thermometers or a more modern digital thermostat but rest assured, no matter what kind of thermostat you have we have the replacement parts it needs. Of course, we can also replace the entire thermostat if it cannot be repaired with a quick parts swap.

Affordable Service with No CompromiseHeating Unit inside a home

Chances are, you will need to call out a heating company for repairs or heater parts replacement during the winter when you are running your heater the most. The holiday season can be tough on your wallet which is precisely why we offer very competitive pricing on heater parts replacement and a wealth of other heater services including brand new installations. And although our services are affordable, we do not make the customer compromise on quality.

We Are Here For Your Heating Needs

We have been in this business for a very long time and have earned the repeat business and referrals of our clients which makes it very easy for us to offer lower prices than some of our top competitors for heater parts replacement. There is no need for us to use cheaper replacement parts or to rush to get work done as quickly as possible which means you get the best possible service for less money.

Whether you need us in the dead of winter or wish to tune up your heater before the cold temperatures strike, you can count on affordable service every time. Contact us soon at 817-398-8887!

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