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Are you thinking of installing a new A/C? We don’t recommend doing it by yourself, even if you’re quite the handyman. So, if you’re searching for professionals to help you with A/C installation in Arlington, TX, C&S Air Inc. is the best company to call.

 Top Tips for A/C Installation

With the hot summer months, your air conditioning system is the one that can save you from the heat. If you’re planning to install a new A/C, there are many factors to consider when deciding on your new system.

This blog post will discuss expert tips for those looking to get a new unit.

Get a quote from a professional.

One of the most important things to do before purchasing and installing an A/C unit is get a professional quote. You will want to know what types of units are available and the price range you are looking at. This information will help you make your final decision on which model to purchase.

Choose the right location.

Before doing any installation work, be sure to choose the correct location for your new A/C unit. The best place for it typically has lots of sunlight, is protected from rain or snow, and gets good airflow throughout the room.

Also, think about where your cold air return is located within your home. It’s because this may impact your decision on where to put your unit.

Get enough fiberglass insulation.

Insulating is also very important when it comes to installing an A/C unit. Although the unit itself will come with some insulation, you will want to add extra layers throughout the entire surrounding area. This will help keep it cool and protect the inside of your home from any hot air.

Good insulation can save you hundreds on utility bills each month!

Keep humidity levels in mind.

Since A/C units tend to dry out the air, you must consider humidity before buying one. To make sure you don’t over-dry your home, look for a device with extra humidity control. This will allow you to set the proper level for your home.

 If you are still having problems, consider purchasing both an A/C unit and humidifier to keep the air at optimal levels year-round.

Take the environment into consideration.

One last thing you should consider before buying an A/C unit is the environmental impact. The two most popular types of units are portable and central air conditioners. If you want to buy a mobile unit, be aware that this produces much more carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming and deforestation.

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