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Heating options for homes encompass electric and gas space heaters, oil, electric or gas furnaces, stoves, heat pumps, and fireplaces—all requiring professional installation.

Engaging a licensed and insured contractor for your HVAC installation ensures accountability. These credentials are crucial as they guarantee that in the event of any damage caused by improper installation, the contractor is liable for repairs. Before hiring, it’s advisable to check the Better Business Bureau for any filed complaints against the contractor.

When opting for heat pumps for heating purposes, two main types are commonly recommended: hybrid heat pumps and single-stage units. For those utilizing electricity (single-phase or three-phase), hybrid electric heat pumps are advised as they function effectively both as air conditioners and space heaters. Alternatively, for users relying on propane or oil, the other type of unit is preferable, typically exhibiting greater efficiency than hybrids particularly in milder outdoor temperatures.