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Top-Rated AC Refrigerant Recharge in Mansfield, TX

ac refrigerant and recharge Your air conditioning system can lose or leak refrigerant. When this happens, its cooling capacity decreases and your home won’t receive proper cooling.  Don’t let your air conditioner work with leaking or low level refrigerant. C&S Air provides quality home A/C refrigerant recharge in Mansfield, TX. We are equipped with tools and knowledge to investigate and restore your system’s refrigerant issues. Call us today to get started! 

Signs Your A/C Needs Refrigerant Recharge

Your system will still continue to work even with low refrigerant charge. In fact, it won’t cause your unit to break down immediately. However, leaving the problem unfixed can cause terrible damage over time. Try to observe your air conditioner, and if you see these three warning signs, then your unit might have a refrigerant leak already.

Short Cycle

Short cycling on A/Cs can be annoying especially during the scorching days of summer when you need consistent cool air. So if your air conditioner runs erratically, make no mistake about it—your unit is facing a serious problem.  Usually, short cycling happens if your system is oversized. But suppose your system is sized properly and air filters are replaced regularly, then the issue might be the refrigerant. 

Reduced Comfort

Your home will become less comfortable when your unit has a refrigerant leak. Insufficient refrigerant charge will put extra stress on your system’s components, resulting in poor cooling performance and reduced comfort. In this case you need a professional A/C refrigerant recharge home in Mansfield, TX.

High Utility Bills

While your A/C is at work, you expect to pay for monthly utility bills. But if you’re paying too much for energy bills, then something might be wrong with the refrigerant.  A leaking refrigerant forces your air conditioner to work harder than normal, thus consuming more energy in the process. But with a sufficient refrigerant charge, your unit will surely work at its best performance, keeping your bills low.

Is A/C Refrigerant Leak Dangerous?

Your air conditioner needs refrigerant to work. Without it, your system won’t operate as effectively as it should. Refrigerant is circulated throughout the system and it should be sufficient to facilitate an effective cooling process. However, it’s susceptible to leaking when the refrigerant line is damaged or cracked in any way. Loss of refrigerant is dangerous to the overall operation of your system and to your health due to harmful gas emission. It is one of the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a silent killer in any home. Refrigerant leak is something you need to address right away. This is a problem you can leave to us at C&S Air. We provide quality refrigerant recharge service in Mansfield residents and ensure each system we service is restored to its best shape.

A/C Refrigerant Recharge by C&S Air Inc.

Refrigerant plays a vital role in your A/C’s overall condition. However, when your system has cracks, it could leak refrigerant that might become a serious issue when not fixed immediately. A leaking refrigerant is not a problem anyone can handle. If you are positive that your system leaks coolant, then call the experts for proper diagnosis and professional service. Trust the cooling pros of C&S Air to spot the root cause of the refrigerant leak in your air conditioner and fix it. We provide affordable A/C refrigerant recharge cost in Mansfield, TX. Call us at (817) 783-9848​ to set an appointment.