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High Velocity Mini Duct Service in Mansfield, TX

Energy-Efficient High Velocity Mini Duct System in Mansfield, TX

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C&S Air specializes in installing and repairing high-velocity mini-duct systems in Mansfield, TX and the surrounding communities. We work on all mini-duct system installation jobs for residential spaces with the help of our certified technicians. 

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What is a High-Velocity Mini-Duct System?

A high-velocity mini-duct system is an innovative type of conventional HVAC system that generates a much smoother and quicker circulation of hot or cold air throughout a space. Also, this system is a lot more efficient, provides excellent indoor air quality, and is less intrusive.  

The mini-duct systems have a smaller duct than the typical systems. So, there is considerably limited space for wasted energy usage making it a lot more efficient. It can also improve the temperature much quicker, as its small ductwork helps provide faster air circulation.

A high-velocity HVAC system also has a special feature called aspiration. This feature generates air flows that continuously controls the temperature depending on your desired room temperature. Also, high-velocity mini-duct systems are easier to put into tight spaces because of their small air handlers. 

7 Benefits of a High-Velocity Mini-Duct Systems

Below are some of the advantages you can get from having a high-velocity mini-duct system in your home. 

Easy Installation

A high-velocity mini-duct system does not have a complex installation procedure in spaces with no present A/C unit. The ducts are only 2 inches wide, making it easier to modify.

Also, these units are flexible and can be installed in tight areas. With its small ducts, it can easily fit in attics, basements, and inside walls.

Exceptional Humidity Control

High-velocity mini-duct systems can also significantly reduce your room’s humidity level by 30% with its high pressure. Further, mini duct systems can also provide comfortable drafts while still delivering quality hot or cool air.

Appealing Space

You will significantly notice a more breathable and comforting space as these unit’s vents are less obvious and can easily be hidden from plain sight.

Quiet Operation

Many homeowners are not comfortable hearing the loud operations of a traditional HVAC system. But with the improved insulation of a high-velocity unit, you can expect a more quiet HVAC operation.

Ideal for Radiant Floor Heating System

If your home has a radiant floor heating system, having a high-velocity mini-duct system can be an ideal option for your cooling comfort. It is important to understand that these homes do not need large heating ductwork making the system an excellent cooling option.

More Effective and Efficient Cooling

A high-velocity mini-duct system will effectively and efficiently cool a space much faster while using only half of its airflow to accomplish. This system can easily reduce moisture by about 30%, making it an excellent choice in hot and humid climates.

Also, with a high-velocity mini-duct system, there is much less chance of cool air leaking out because of its small ductwork. 

Prevents Uneven Cooling or Heating

With the innovative air circulation procedure of a high-velocity mini-duct system, it will push air pressure with four times more power, leading to a controlled room temperature.

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If you plan to have one installed in your home or business, our team at C&S Air, Inc. is the people for the job. We ensure a smooth sailing installation and a well-functioning system. We also offer fast and reliable repair services for your high-velocity mini-duct system. 

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