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Excellent A/C Maintenance in Arlington, TX and the Surrounding Areas

AC Maintenance Arlington

Air conditioning maintenance is imperative to keep your cooling system in good working order. Without routine A/C maintenance in Arlington, TX, your air conditioning unit can experience problems and malfunctions down the line. Here at C&S Air, we offer A/C maintenance programs that will help you protect your investment so you never have to suffer from a lack of air conditioning when the weather gets too warm.

The Best Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

The best way to ensure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently and without any issues is to take the time for regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will help keep your system in top shape, reduce utility bills, and keep you cool throughout the summer months. Keep on reading to know how your air conditioner will last you many years!

Check the filters

Replacing your filters is an essential part of keeping your A/C in excellent condition. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your A/C unit. Most filters should be replaced every month or two, but check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Clean the coils

Coils can become dirty over time, which will reduce the efficiency of your A/C unit. Coils should be cleaned at least once a year as part of your regular maintenance routine. You can either do this yourself or call a professional to do it for you.

Inspect the wiring

Have you tried checking your system’s wiring? If you notice any fraying or damage to it, call a professional immediately. Damaged wiring makes it easy for your A/C unit to short out and can pose a risk of electrical shock. When you hire an expert, they will ensure that nothing’s wrong with the wiring.

Pay attention to your system’s age

Your air conditioning system will last longer if you keep track of its age and replace parts when needed. By paying attention to the age of your system, you will reduce the risk of malfunctions. You can also ask for professional help from a licensed technician in your area.

Check for brownouts or blackouts in your area

If a brownout or blackout occurs, you should turn off your A/C unit immediately to avoid a power surge when power is restored. Turn off all appliances to reduce the risk of damage from a power surge.

Get regular maintenance

You should schedule a tune-up and a professional inspection with a licensed contractor at least once a year, but you can also check your A/C unit for any problems before the summer months. This gives you time to have any repairs made before it gets too hot outside.

Don’t touch anything when your system is on

When you are performing air conditioner maintenance, never touch any parts of the A/C unit while it’s plugged in. Never stick anything into an electrical socket or open up the unit, even if it’s not running. These parts should only be handled by a professional to reduce the risk of injury and damage.

Contact C&S Air for Reliable A/C Maintenance in Arlington, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

If you need reliable air conditioning maintenance, contact C&S Air. We offer a variety of maintenance programs that will suit your needs and keep your A/C unit running efficiently all summer long. We will ensure to provide the help you need when it comes to your air conditioning unit. You can call us at (817) 783-9848​ to get started.