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Comprehensive Guide to Commercial AC Installation

Comprehensive Guide to Commercial AC Installation

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit, you’re probably wondering how to go about getting one installed. It can be a daunting task, but don’t worry – our team at C& S Air Inc. is here to help! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of commercial AC installation Fort Worth, TX.

We’ll talk about what to look for when choosing an AC unit, the different types of commercial cooling systems, and more. So whether you’re a business owner who needs a new AC installed, or you’re just curious about the process, read on for all the information you need!

What is Commercial AC Installation?

First, it’s important to understand what goes into commercial AC installation Fort Worth, TX. This type of installation is different from its counterpart residential installation in a few key ways. For one, commercial air conditioners are generally much larger than residential cooling units. They also have to be able to accommodate more strenuous use, as they will likely be running for longer periods of time than a home unit.

This means that choosing the right commercial AC unit is vital – you need one that is the right size for your space and that can handle your business’s needs. Fortunately, our team at C&S Air Inc. is experts in finding the perfect unit for any business! Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you select the perfect AC for your needs.

Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Most commercial spaces, from small businesses to large warehouses, will need one of two types of air conditioning units. For companies to meet the diverse cooling needs of their employees, customers, and products. This includes the layout of the building, how many people occupy the space, and what types of activities take place inside.

With that, here are the main types of commercial units for your AC installation Fort Worth, TX:

Central Air Conditioning

Most common in large buildings, central air conditioning is a system that uses ducts to distribute cooled air throughout the space. It generally consists of two main parts – an outdoor unit containing the compressor and condenser, and an indoor evaporator coil.

This type of AC unit is best for companies that occupy large spaces, such as warehouses or office buildings. That’s because it can effectively cool a large area quickly and evenly. Central air is also relatively easy to maintain, as all you need to do is change the filter periodically.

A high-grade commercial central air conditioning system would cost you around $1500 to $2500. However, the price will increase if you need to install ducts in your building. If that’s the case, you’re looking at a bill of $2000

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning

If your commercial space doesn’t have existing ductwork, or if you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option, then ductless mini-split air conditioning may be the way to go. This type of AC unit doesn’t use ducts but instead has an outdoor compressor that sends refrigerant to one or more indoor air handlers.

Ductless mini-splits are ideal for small businesses, such as retail shops or restaurants. They can also be a good choice for larger companies that want to cool specific areas, like server rooms or storage spaces. That’s because you can control each air handler individually, so you’re only cooling the areas you need to – not the entire building.

Installing a ductless mini-split system typically costs between $3000 and $7000. The price will vary depending on how many indoor units you need and the size of your space.

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

Multi-split systems run the same as single-split systems, except that they have multiple indoor air handlers that are connected to a single outdoor compressor. This type of system is best for companies that want to cool more than one area but don’t need the power of a central AC unit.

Like ductless mini-splits, multi-split systems allow you to individually control each air handler. So, you can cool different areas of your space as needed without wasting energy cooling areas that don’t need it. The price of a multi-split system will depend on how many indoor units you need, but typically start at around $3000.


Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems are the most energy-efficient type of commercial AC units. That’s because they can adjust the amount of refrigerant flowing to each indoor unit based on the cooling needs of that specific area.

This makes VRF and VRV systems ideal for companies that want to cool a mixture of large and small areas, or that have areas with different cooling needs. For example, a retail store with a large sales floor and smaller storage rooms would benefit from this type of system.

The price of a VRF or VRV system will depend on how many indoor units you need and the size of your space. However, these systems typically cost more than other types of AC units, with prices starting at around $5000.

What to Look For When Choosing an AC Unit

Choosing the right commercial air conditioner for your business is an important decision. But with this guide, you should have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind when shopping for a commercial cooling system for your AC installation Fort Worth, TX

1) Size

When it comes to air conditioners, bigger isn’t always better. That’s because an AC unit that’s too large for your space will struggle to remove humidity, leading to a damp and uncomfortable environment. On the other hand, a unit that’s too small won’t be able to cool your space effectively, leading to hot and stuffy conditions.

To find the perfect size air conditioner for your business, you’ll need to know the square footage of the area you want to cool. Once you have that number, you can consult a sizing chart or speak with an HVAC contractor about which type and size of AC unit would be best for your needs.

2) Type

As we’ve already discussed, there are three main types of commercial air conditioners: central AC units, ductless mini-splits, and multi-split systems. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

For example, if you want to cool a large space evenly, then a central AC unit would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to be able to individually control the temperature in different areas of your business, then a ductless mini-split or multi-split system would be a better option.

Ultimately, the type of air conditioner you choose will come down to personal preference and the specific needs of your business. If you’re not sure which type of AC unit is right for you, then we recommend speaking with an HVAC contractor. They’ll be able to assess your needs and help you choose the perfect type of air conditioner for your company.

3) Efficiency

All commercial air conditioners will have a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. This rating indicates how much energy the unit uses to cool your space, with higher numbers indicating more efficiency.

You’ll also want to look for an AC unit with a high energy-efficiency ratio (EER). This rating measures how well the unit can maintain its cooling capacity while operating at full load. Again, higher numbers indicate a more efficient unit.

Choosing an air conditioner with a high SEER and EER rating is important because it can help you save money on your energy bills. It’s also worth noting that some states have minimum efficiency requirements for commercial AC units, so be sure to check your local laws before making a purchase.

4) Features

When shopping for a commercial air conditioner, you’ll also want to consider the unit’s features. Some AC units come with built-in dehumidifiers, which can help to remove excess moisture from the air. Other units have filters that can remove pollutants and allergens from your space.

Some air conditioners also come with remote controls, which can be handy if you want to be able to adjust the temperature without having to physically walk over to the unit. Additionally, some units come with timers, so you can set them to turn on and off at specific times throughout the day.

The features you need will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of your business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the more features an AC unit has, the more expensive it will be.

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